Niagara ARES Packet Radio

Niagara ARES operates a combined BPQ Winlink and Packet BBS system located in St. Catharines.


Winlink Node   VA3OV-10 145.030 Simplex

Winlink is a worldwide radio email service that uses radio pathways where the internet is not present, and is capable of operating completely without the internet–automatically–using smart-network radio relays. Winlink provides its users email with attachments, position reporting, weather and information bulletins, and is well-known for its role in emergency and disaster relief communications.  Details may be found at

Operators may use tactical addresses as may be required.

Packet BBS

PBBS Node VA3OV 145.030 Simplex

Outpost Setup to VA3OV How to
Setting up a KA-NODE and BBS

Winlink Nodes outside of the Region

VE3PKG-5     145.610 Simplex
VE3MIS-10    144.970 Simplex
VA3OG-10    145.030 Simplex
VE3EXI-10     144.970 Simplex
K2LAS-10      145.010 Simplex

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