CANWARN & Weather

In the event of severe weather, a CANWARN net may be activated on VE3RAF 145.190-  Tone 107.2
Net Controller: Brian VE3BMX

What is CANWARN?

CANWARN (CANadian Weather Amateur Radio Network) is a network of volunteer Ham Radio Operators who observe and report both winter and summer severe weather conditions. Reports are passed on via amateur radio to a net controller at the Environment Canada Weather Centre in Toronto. This information is then passed directly to the forecasters for incorporation into the forecast. CANWARN nets operate under three (probably self evident) states of alert.

Condition GREEN: Severe Thunderstorm Watch in effect. This is the basic state when the net is in operation and taking various weather reports from spotters. The frequency is available for regular traffic but conversations should be kept brief so the Net Controller or spotters can break in if new information becomes available. This is the time to ask “silly” questions.

Condition YELLOW: Severe Thunderstorm Warning or Tornado Watch in effect. This is an alerted state of the net with the NCS only requesting and receiving specific reports from certain spotters such as Hail larger than marble sized; damaging winds; wall clouds; funnel clouds or any other unusual weather events. The frequency is under Net Control.

Condition RED: Tornado Warning in effect. This is the highest state of alert, usually prompted by confirmed sightings of active wall clouds or funnels. No general radio traffic is allowed on the frequency under condition Red. Only reports of wall clouds, funnel clouds, or tornadoes are accepted by net control.

CANWARN Training

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