JUNE 2017


This Wednesday’s June 14 meeting agenda will focus mostly on the Field Day event and Ride for Roswell .


Mark Your Calendars/ Check Your Gear! June 24th


You and your ham radio friends are all invited to join in the preparations for this year’s Ride for Roswell, and NPARC ARRL Field Day/ARES SET exercises.


On May 17th, our most recent Field day meeting, we were still looking for:

1 generator, 1 HF radios, 2 antenna tuners, 2 power supplies, outdoor lighting, 2 lengths of coax between 65 and 100 ft. each, one coax switch, and 3 extension cords 50 ft or longer. Also suggested were desk lamps and fans. 

The plan is to run 3 stations on emergency power (classification 3A) for 24 hours. We have antennas for 80, 40, 20, 15, and 10 metres.

 As last year, the Field Day event will be at Ball’s Falls, upper parking lot.  Set up will begin on Saturday at 11:00 hrs local time with teardown on Sunday, June 25th at 14:00 hrs local time.  Supper will be provided on site with personal contribution of $10 per person. Coffee, soft drinks and water will be available. If you are intending to stay for supper on Saturday, a head count must be available by Tuesday, June 20th. So please let Henry know.

Overnight camping is available, bring your tent, camper and make yourself comfortable.

Volunteer to Ride for Roswell need to be at their operating station by:

Starting at 0600 at Fort Erie, ending around 0900  

Starting at 0630 at Townline , ending around 0930

Starting at 0700 at Rainbow Bridge ending around 1030.

I will operate as Net Control from a central location along the course. Minimum equipment requirement are a dual band HT connected to mobile antenna. We are still looking for a couple more radio operators . More details will follow as we get closer to the event. Volunteer badges and T-shirts will be distributed prior to the event.

July 1st 2017, Canada Day Parade in Niagara Falls. 12 volunteer radio operators will be needed to cover the various intersections. They are expecting a large crowd for the Canada Day 150th anniversary celebration. More details following.

We will meet at Queen St and Valley Way at 0830 before road closures.


Another bicycle fund raising tour is happening in the Niagara Region on August 18, 19, 20.

John VE3POJ did a presentation at the last NPARC meeting.

They are looking for volunteer support as mobile radio operators, covering the race course, net control. This is a type of event we were looking for to practice our communications skills over a large area.  We will be patrolling the course as the cycling event progresses reporting to the officials any safety issues. This is work in progress, it will demand commitment for a 3 day period from a large numbers of radio volunteers. NPARC and Niagara ARES can be part of this fund raising if we dedicate some of our time to The Tour for Kids.





This is the web site link for more information.


Meeting June 14 at 1900H

Niagara Regional Headquarters

1815 Sir Isaac Brock Way, Campbell West

Room C103



We have a full calendar for the next three months. As always your participation is appreciated. Thanks.


Henry VA3OV

GC, CEC Niagara ARES

Field Day Manager